Our services: hair removal, lash extensions, microblading, HydraFacial®, nail cosmetics, tooth bleaching and more.

SHR technology or Alexandrite laser treatment - for permanent hair removal

Our high-tech “Super Hair Removal” (SHR) and “Alexandrite” laser treatments are suitable for virtually all hair colours, skin and hair types. Just a few pain-free sessions will permanently eliminate all unwanted hair. The two methods are equally effective for men.

HydraFacial® treatment - for perfectly clean facial skin

HydraFacial® is an intensive but non-invasive high-tech facial treatment method with an applicator that acts like a miniature vacuum cleaner. The skin is deeply cleansed and at the same time enriched with antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid to combat oily skin, acne, wrinkles, pigmentation marks, clogged and enlarged pores.

Microblading - for perfectly shaped eyebrows

For tired, sad or stern looking - but also overplucked - eyebrows, we recommend - as an alternative to permanent make-up with a pigmentation machine - the gentler microblading method, where pigments are carefully deposited directly under the skin by hand with small disposable needles to create brow hair-like strokes.

1:1 or 3:1 extensions - for long, thick lashes

The longer and thicker the lashes, the more elegant and seductive they look. Two methods are available for lash extension and thickening: For the single 1:1 technique, one extension is applied to each natural lash - for the more dramatic 3:1 volume method, three extensions are applied to each natural lash.

Tooth bleaching - for a radiant white smile

Tooth bleaching is a cosmetic procedure that gently whitens the teeth. The bleaching gel we use contains no more than 0.1 per cent peroxide, so that we only effectively remove discoloured tooth pigments without any harm to the gums and enamel. Note that bleaching only whitens natural teeth
- no implants or crowns.

"Venus Beauty" nail cosmetics - for strikingly beautiful hands and feet

Our manicurists and nail artists will pamper you with pleasant nail treatments and gentle filing, with award-winning quality products that ensure maximum adhesion, and amaze you with their Hollywood-like creativity and abundant possibilities. 
The more extravagant your nail ideas, the more we will enjoy the challenge.

Lash lifting for enchanting lashes 

Lash lifting means lifting and curling your lashes. This makes your eyelashes appear more expressive, fuller and longer without adding extra lashes. For a seductive, natural looking effect that will last for weeks.

Powder Brows - permanent make-up for perfect, full eyebrows

Powder Brows are pigmented in a permanent make-up procedure. Rather than tattooing individual hairs, the ink is applied superficially in dots. This creates a kind of shading that gently emphasises your brows - just as if you had powdered them. 

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