First impressions count

150 milliseconds: the blink of an eye - that’s as long as it takes for our fellow humans to get a lasting impression of us, including our likes, character traits, even intelligence and skills. Unintentionally and subconsciously. It is in the very nature of the human brain that appearance and looks are decisive for a first impression, such as

  • a confident eye contact with beautiful brows and eyelashes
  • a radiant white smile
  • a hair-free smooth, firm and pure skin
  • well-groomed hands with beautiful nails

Beauty is not a gift. Beauty needs care.
Venus Beauty is here to help.

With non-invasive, gentle methods and cutting-edge technologies:

SHR technology or Alexandrite laser treatment
1:1 - OR 3:1 - lash extensions
for perfect, full eyebrows

qualified staff

treated customers


With the professionalism and expertise of our qualified specialist teams.

Our employees enjoy their work and are happy to invest a lot of time in it - especially in their training. 
Before they meet our customers, they are trained to a level of expertise that ensures safe and expert care for the targeted areas of your body, the treatment methods and the corresponding products. In addition, they regularly attend specialist training courses to remain up to date with the latest technologies and beauty products.  - To ensure your safety and satisfaction as well as ours. 

With more than 10 conveniently accessible, inviting “Venus Beauty” salons nationwide.

Our salons are all centrally located and easy to reach by car, public transport and on foot. At each individual salon you can expect an inviting, beautiful and functionally furnished ambience - and a friendly and courteous team of well-trained and competent specialists for each individual treatment area. We look forward to welcoming you soon in your local Venus Beauty salon.

Venus Beauty
Our locations & contact
Ziegelrain 8
5000 Aarau
062 823 09 09
Vordere Metzggasse 8
5400 Baden
056 221 65 65
Missionsstrasse 15b
4055 Basel
061 263 16 16
Kramgasse 15
3011 Bern
031 311 42 42
Überlandstrasse 18
8953 Dietikon
044 506 95 95
Zürichstrasse 12
6004 Luzern
041 241 05 75
Martin-Disteli-Strasse 4
4600 Olten
062 559 58 00
Obere Bahnhofstr. 40
8640 Rapperswil SG
055 210 22 11
Spisergasse 26
9000 St. Gallen
071 787 09 09
Obere Bahnhofstrasse 47
9500 Wil
071 556 59 59
Stadthausstrasse 22
8400 Winterthur
052 212 95 95
Sihlstrasse 38
8001 Zürich
044 210 33 11
Franklinstrasse 3
8050 Zürich
044 313 99 11

And finally, here are a few well-intended recommendations for men.

State-of-the-art “Super Hair Removal” (SHR) and “Alexandrite” laser technologies, as used at Venus Beauty, can even permanently remove thick male hair.

Perfectly shaped eyebrows, as created at Venus Beauty with microblading, also look amazing on men.

And we don’t really have to mention that - but a radiant white smile, like the one we conjure up on the face at Venus Beauty using a tooth whitening procedure, naturally makes men more attractive at the same time.

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Wir arbeiten eng mit den Schönheitsspezialistinnen und -spezialisten von BerryFace zusammen, der Praxis für medizinische Kosmetik und ästhetische Dermatologie im Zentrum von Winterthur. Das Angebot von BerryFace ist eine optimale Ergänzung zu den Behandlungen von Venus Beauty.
Unsere neue Partnerfirma


In allen Filialen von Venus Beauty sind keine COVID-Zertifikate für einen Termin nötig. Wir halten uns an alle Hygiene-Massnahmen und sorgen für ausreichenden Schutz und Vorsorge, um die Sicherheit für die Gesundheit unserer Kunden zu gewährleisten.